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Bouwhuis, S. (author), Geuskens, G.A. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author), Boot, C.R.L. (author)
We are writing in regards to the review by Koranyi et al (1) on precarious employment and occupational accidents and injuries. In the review, multiple-job holding was classified as a type of precarious employment. In this letter, we argue multiple-job holding should not be considered a type of precarious employment and that multiple-job holders...
article 2019
Drupsteen, L. (author), Wybo, J.L. (author)
Most organisations aim to use experience from the past to improve safety, for instance through learning from safety-related incidents and accidents. Whether an organisation is able to learn successfully can however only be determined afterwards. So far, there are no proactive measures to assess whether an organisation will be able to learn from...
article 2015
Vink, P. (author), Douwes, M. (author), van Woensel, W. (author)
The effects of a portable back support, the Back-Up, were tested in 28 variables. Both subjective and objective physical load measures were recorded during sitting with and without Back-Up, most of them during VDU work. The main result was that the posture of the upper back and neck/head was improved by the Back-Up. However, the knee straps...
article 1994