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Potetsianakis, E. (author), Thomas, E. (author), Assal, K.E. (author), van Deventer, O. (author)
With omnidirectional videos, the viewer is able to direct her Field-of-View (FoV) to any part of the scene while watching the content. This is achieved by rendering the 360 video content on the inside of a (conceptual) sphere in which the viewer is typically placed at the center. This is in contrast with traditional video that is rendered on a...
conference paper 2020
Podborski, D. (author), Thomas, E. (author), Hannuksela, M.M. (author), Oh, S. (author), Stockhammer, T. (author), Pham, S. (author)
Virtual reality (VR) has gained a lot of attention due to market availability of consumer devices. A challenge for wider use is the ability to stream VR content to the user. This paper looks at aspects of 360° video streaming and the considerations for possible solutions. The primary focus lies on current efforts to develop standards for...
article 2018