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Burggraaf, J. (author), Groeneweg, J. (author), Sillem, S. (author), van Gelder, P. (author)
The field of safety and incident prevention is becoming more and more data based. Data can help support decision making for a more productive and safer work environment, but only if the data can be, is and should be trusted. Especially with the advance of more data collection of varying quality, checking and judging the data is an increasingly...
article 2019
TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie (author), Tuinder, O.N.E. (author), de Winter-Sorkina, R. (author), Builtjes, P.J.H. (author)
Clouds are a large error source in the retrieval of tropospheric column densities and concentration profiles of trace gas species from satellites and in the calculation of their photodissociation rates. The Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment instrument on the ERS-2 satellite is capable of detecting clouds, and a number of methods have been...
article 2002