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Yang, C. (author), Ambayo, H. (author), Baets, B. (author), Kolsteren, P. (author), Thanintorn, N. (author), Hawwash, D. (author), Bouwman, J. (author), Bronselaer, A. (author), Pattyn, F. (author), Lachat, C. (author)
BACKGROUND: The use of linked data in the Semantic Web is a promising approach to add value to nutrition research. An ontology, which defines the logical relationships between well-defined taxonomic terms, enables linking and harmonizing research output. To enable the description of domain-specific output in nutritional epidemiology, we propose...
article 2019
Yang, C. (author), Pinart, M. (author), Kolsteren, P. (author), van Camp, J. (author), de Cock, N. (author), Nimptsch, K. (author), Pischon, T. (author), Laird, E. (author), Perozzi, G. (author), Canali, R. (author), Hoge, A. (author), Stelmach-Mardas, M. (author), Dragsted, L.O. (author), Palombi, S.M. (author), Dobre, I. (author), Bouwman, J. (author), Clarys, P. (author), Minervini, F. (author), de Angelis, M. (author), Gobbetti, M. (author), Tafforeau, J. (author), Coltell, O. (author), Corella, D. (author), de Ruyck, H. (author), Walton, J. (author), Kehoe, L. (author), Matthys, C. (author), de Baets, B. (author), de Tré, G. (author), Bronselaer, A. (author), Rivellese, A. (author), Giacco, R. (author), Lombardo, R. (author), de Clercq, S. (author), Hulstaert, N. (author), Lachat, C. (author)
Pooled analysis of secondary data increases the power of research and enables scientific discovery in nutritional epidemiology. Information on study characteristics that determine data quality is needed to enable correct reuse and interpretation of data. This study aims to define essential quality characteristics for data from observational...
article 2017