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van der Steen, R. (author), Lopez, I. (author), Nijmeijer, H. (author), Schmeitz, A.J.C. (author), de Bruijn, B. (author)
Throughout the tire industry, virtual testing has been widely adopted in the design process. Both static deformation and dynamic response of the tire rolling on the road must be accurately predicted to evaluate the handling performance of a tire. Unfortunately, experimental characterization of rubber compound frictional properties is limited,...
article 2011
Ho, C.K. (author), Oostveen, J. (author), Linnartz, J.-P. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
We consider packet-by-packet rate adaptation to maximize the throughput over a finite-state Markov channel. To limit the amount of feedback data, we use past packet acknowledgements (ACKs) and past rates as channel state information. It is known that the maximum achievable throughput is computationally prohibitive to determine. Thus, in this...
conference paper 2008
Griotto, G. (author), Lemmen, P.P.M. (author), van den Eijnden, E.A.C. (author), van Leijsen, A.C.P. (author), van Schie, C. (author), Cooper, J. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
It is generally accepted that the targets for fatality reduction in car accidents set by Governments in Europe, USA and Japan can only be met by using advanced technologies that will include a broad range of sensors to monitor the crash likelihood and severity, vehicle condition, occupant type and posture. Information provided by these sensors...
conference paper 2007