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van Wietmarschen, H.A. (author), der Greef, J.V. (author), Schro├źn, Y. (author), Wang, M. (author)
Ethnopharmacological relevance Rehmannia Six Formula (R6, Chinese name is Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) is one of the most important classic Chinese medicine formula used to treat metabolic disorders related to aging. It was first reported in the Chinese medicine book titled 'Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue by Qian Yi' (Chinese Song dynasty: 1035-1117). In...
article 2013
Manisera, M. (author), van der Kooij, A.J. (author), Dusseldorp, E. (author)
The component structure of 14 Likert-type items measuring different aspects of job satisfaction was investigated using nonlinear Principal Components Analysis (NLPCA). NLPCA allows for analyzing these items at an ordinal or interval level. The participants were 2066 workers from five types of social service organizations. Our results suggest...
article 2010