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van den Hoogen, B. (author), Uijens, W. (author), den Hollander, R. (author), Huizinga, W. (author), Dijk, J. (author), Schutte, K. (author)
Automatic detection and tracking of persons and vehicles can greatly increase situational awareness in many military applications. Various methods for detection and tracking have been proposed so far, both for rule-based and learning approaches. With the advent of deep learning, learning approaches generally outperform rule-based approaches. Pre...
conference paper 2020
Nageshrao, S.P. (author), Jacob, J. (author), Wilkins, S. (author)
For conventional buses, based on the decades of their operational knowledge, public transport companies are able to optimize their cost of operation. However, with recent trend in the usage of electric buses, cost optimal operation can become challenging. In this paper an offline optimal charging strategy is developed to minimize the energy cost...
article 2017