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Bereszczak, J.Z. (author), Havlik, M. (author), Weiss, V.U. (author), Marchetti-Deschmann, M. (author), van Duijn, E. (author), Watts, N.R. (author), Wingfield, P.T. (author), Allmaier, G. (author), Steven, A.C. (author), Heck, A.J.R. (author)
The capsid of hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a major viral antigen and important diagnostic indicator. HBV capsids have prominent protrusions ('spikes') on their surface and are unique in having either T = 3 or T = 4 icosahedral symmetry. Mouse monoclonal and also human polyclonal antibodies bind either near the spike apices (historically the 'α...
article 2014