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Ocola, L.E. (author), Rue, C. (author), Maas, D.J. (author)
Over the last few years, significant improvements in sources, columns, detectors, control software, and accessories have enabled a wealth of new focused ion beam applications. In addition, modeling has provided many insights into ion-sample interactions and the resultant effects on the sample. With the knowledge gained, the community has found...
article 2014
Grant-Jacob, J.A. (author), Mills, B. (author), Feinaeugle, M. (author), Sones, C.L. (author), Oosterhuis, G. (author), Hoppenbrouwers, M.B. (author), Eason, R.W. (author)
We demonstrate the use of laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) in combination with a novel donor replenishment scheme to print continuous copper wires. Wires of mm length, a few microns wide and submicron in height have been printed using a 800 nm, 1 kHz repetition rate, 150 fs pulsed laser. A 120 nm thick copper donor was used along with laser...
article 2013