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Fransman, W. (author), Bekker, C. (author), Tromp, P. (author), Duis, W.B. (author)
Increasing production and applications of manufactured nano objects (MNOs) have become a source for human exposure and therefore raise concerns and questions about the possible health effects. In this study, the potential release of nano objects, their agglomerates, and aggregates (NOAA) as a result of sanding of hardwood treated with MNOs...
article 2016
van Duuren-Stuurman, B. (author), Vink, S. (author), Brouwer, D. (author), Kroese, E.D. (author), Heussen, H. (author), Verbist, K. (author), Tielemans, E. (author), van Niftrik, M. (author), Fransman, W. (author)
Stoffenmanager Nano (version 1.0) is a risk-banding tool developed for employers and employees to prioritize health risks occurring as a result of exposure to manufactured nano objects (MNOs) for a broad range of worker scenarios and to assist implementation of control measures to reduce exposure levels. In order to prioritize the health risks,...
article 2012
Brouwer, D. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
In potential nano-objects can be released into the workplace air during production, during the handling of nanopowders and during the treatment of end-products that contain manufactured nanomaterials. Experimental studies that could mimic the exposure processes revealed the formation of larger agglomerates after release. Studies conducted in...
article 2010