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Notenboom, S. (author), Weigand, K.M. (author), Proost, J.H. (author), van Lipzig, M.M.H. (author), van de Steeg, E. (author), van den Broek, P.H.H. (author), Greupink, R. (author), Russel, F.G.M. (author), Groothuis, G.M.M. (author)
Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a common reason for drug withdrawal from the market. An important cause of DILI is drug-induced cholestasis. One of the major players involved in drug-induced cholestasis is the bile salt efflux pump (BSEP; ABCB11). Inhibition of BSEP by drugs potentially leads to cholestasis due to increased (toxic)...
article 2018
Gozalpour, E. (author), Greupink, R. (author), Wortelboer, H.M. (author), Bilos, A. (author), Schreurs, M. (author), Russel, F.G.M. (author), Koenderink, J.B. (author)
Digitalis-like compounds (DLCs) such as digoxin, digitoxin, and ouabain, also known as cardiac glycosides, are among the oldest pharmacological treatments for heart failure. The compounds have a narrow therapeutic window, while at the same time, DLC pharmacokinetics is prone to drug-drug interactions at the transport level. Hepatic transporters...
article 2014