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Buerkin, C.K. (author), de Vries, I. (author), Raupp, S.M. (author), Scharfer, P. (author), Schabel, W. (author), Groen, P. (author)
Organic electronics have been thoroughly investigated due to their broad application potential, ranging from light-emitting diodes to photovoltaics. The processing of organic electronics is trending from vacuum toward wet chemical deposition, which allows fast low-cost mass production of devices with scalable dimension. One of the current...
article 2017
Baukh, V. (author), Huinink, H.P. (author), Adan, O.C.G. (author), van der Ven, L.G.J. (author)
Exposure to water is a key issue in the performance of multilayer coatings. It may take place in different forms, i.e. as rainfall, dew and humidity variation. Consequently, coatings will experience time-dependent water activity fluctuations. In industrial practice, coatings are subjected to artificial water activity fluctuations in weathering...
article 2013