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Tapaninen, O. (author), Myohanen, P. (author), Majanen, M. (author), Sitomaniemi, A. (author), Olkkonen, J. (author), Hildenbrand, V. (author), Gielen, A.W.J. (author), Mackenzie, F.V. (author), Barink, M. (author), Smilauer, V. (author), Patzak, B. (author)
This paper presents a test case for coupling two physical aspects of an LED, optical and thermal, using specific simulation models coupled through an open source platform for distributed multi-physics modelling. The glue code for coupling is written with Python programming language including routines to interface specific simulation models. This...
conference paper 2016
Koster, T. (author), Peelen, W. (author), Larbi, J. (author), de Rooij, M. (author), Polder, R. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
A mathematical model is being developed to describe a repair method in concrete, called cathodic protection (CP). The model is in principle also useful to describe electrodeposition in concrete, e.g. the process of re-precipitation of Ca(OH)<sub>2</sub> invoked by an electrical current. In CP, the current is sent from an external anode to the...
article 2010