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Croom-Johnson, S. (author), Huiskamp, W. (author), Möller, B. (author)
A number of approaches are currently in use to allow limited sharing of data between simulations running at different native classification levels, but each have their associated issues which prevent full interoperability. This presents users and accreditors alike with a unique set of challenges. Building on the work presented to recent SIWs by...
conference paper 2013
Schotanus, H.A. (author), Hartog, T. (author), Verkoelen, C.A.A. (author)
Multi-Level Security (MLS) is often viewed as the holy grail of information security, especially in those environments where information of different classifications is being processed. In this paper we argue that MLS cannot facilitate the right balance between need-to-protect and duty-to-share as required for a Network Enabled Capability (NEC)...
conference paper 2012
Möller, B. (author), Karlsson, P. (author), Croom-Johnson, S. (author), Hartog, T. (author), Huiskamp, W. (author), Verkoelen, C.A.A. (author), Jones, G. (author), Nielsen, M.N. (author), Ståhl, I. (author)
Distributed simulation is rapidly becoming a necessity for collective mission training. With missions being joint and combined, we will never fight alone. Thus we need to train together, within and between nations. However, in any such scenario it is likely that some or all of the information may be classified at some level and need protection,...
conference paper 2011