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Fransman, J.E. (author), Sijs, J. (author), Dol, H.S. (author), Theunissen, E. (author), de Schutter, B. (author)
In this work, the novel algorithm Bayesian Dynamic Programming Optimization Procedure (B-DPOP) is presented to solve multi-agent problems within the Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem framework. The Bayesian optimization framework is used to prove convergence to the global optimum of the B-DPOP algorithm for Lipschitz-continuous...
conference paper 2019
Fransman, J. (author), Sijs, J. (author), Dol, H.S. (author), Theunissen, E. (author), de Schutter, B.D. (author)
DCOP (Distributed Constraint optimization Problem) is a framework for representing distributed multi- agent problems. However, it only allows discrete values for the decision variables, which limits its application for real-world problems. In this paper, an extension of DCOP is investigated to handle variables with continuous domains....
conference paper 2018