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TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Valk, P.J.L. (author), Simons, M. (author)
Introduction: Sedating effects of some medications used to treat allergic rhinitis (AR) symptoms can impair an individual’s ability to function optimally. The objective of this study was to characterize the effects of a single dose of loratadine/montelukast (L/M) versus placebo and diphenhydramine on daytime somnolence and psychomotor...
article 2009
van Dorp, E. (author), Los, M. (author), Dirven, P. (author), Sarton, E. (author), Valk, P. (author), Teppema, L. (author), Stienstra, R. (author), Dahan, A. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Introduction: Exposure to a hypoxic environment has a deleterious effect on physiological and mental functions. We studied the effect of added inspired CO2 during artificially induced hypoxic normobaric hypoxia (oxygen saturation ∼80%) on complex task performance. Methods: In random order, 22 healthy volunteers were exposed to 3 gas mixtures for...
article 2007
Valk, P.J.L. (author), Simons, M. (author), Struyvenberg, P.A. (author), Kruit, H. (author), van Berge Henegouwen, M.T. (author)
article 1997