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Barros, E. (author), Leeuwenburgh, O. (author), Carpentier, S. (author), Wilschut, F. (author), Neele, F. (author)
To manage risks in CO2 storage operations, monitoring systems need to be designed such that the data can inform the operator whether the storage site will continue to behave as expected or not. In order to compare the benefits of different monitoring strategies, we require a measure of ‘efficiency' that is based on a balance between monitoring...
conference paper 2018
van Geer, F. (author), Marsman, A. (author), Janssen, G.M.C.M. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Usually the design of the monitoring system is based on the relation between the monitoring effort and the uncertainty of the information. Often the estimation error standard deviation is used as a criterion for the design. Despite the fact that, for scientists, the standard deviation as a measure of uncertainty is a logical criterion, water...
conference paper 2007