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van Zon, A.T. (author), Volker, A.W.F. (author)
The concept of predictive maintenance using permanent sensors that monitor the integrity of an installation is an interesting addition to the current method of periodic inspections. Guided wave tomography had been developed to create a map of the wall thickness using the travel times of guided waves. It can be used for both monitoring and for...
conference paper 2014
Saeed, A. (author), Volker, A.W.F. (author), Martina, Q. (author), Alalouni, A. (author)
Scale and corrosion affect the production certainty of oil and gas well. Scale build-up reduces flow and ultimately could shut down production when it block to tubing completely. Corrosion of the tubing wall occurs very often simultaneously with scale build-up and affects the integrity of the tubing wall. Vital information about the integrity is...
conference paper 2019