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Peelen, W.H.A. (author), Neeft, E.A.C. (author), Leegwater, G. (author), van Kanten-Roos, W. (author), Courage, W.M.G. (author)
Steel is discarded by railway owners as a material for underground structures near railway lines, due to uncertainty over increased corrosion by DC stray currents stemming from the traction power system. This paper presents a large scale field test in which stray currents interference of a sheet pile wall was monitored in realistic conditions....
conference paper 2012
Peelen, W.H.A. (author), Polder, R.B. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
The new Dutch railway line the 'Betuweroute' crosses the main gas pipeline system of the 'Gasunie', the main Dutch gas distributor, at 7 locations. To ensure a safe operation of both the railway line and the pipeline system, it is essential to guarantee the mechanical stability of the gas pipes in the soft soil; therefore at several locations...
conference paper 2004