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Polder, R.B. (author), Peelen, W.H.A. (author), Leegwater, G. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Since about 1980 Corrosion Monitoring Systems have been used in many concrete structures in aggressive environmentworldwide. While these systemswork properly in aboveground environment, some questions have arisen for submerged conditions, e.g. the outer sides of tunnels, piers in seawater or foundations in wet soil. One question concerns macro...
bookPart 2008
Polder, R.B. (author), Peelen, W.H.A. (author), Klinghoffer, O. (author), Eri, J. (author), Leggedoor, J. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Reinforced concrete is a cost effective material used widely in our infrastructure. The durable combination of steel and concrete provides safety and serviceability. Normally, the physics and chemistry of concrete protects reinforcing steel against corrosion. Over time this protection can be lost due to aggressiveness from the environment, for...
article 2007
Peelen, W.H.A. (author), Polder, R.B. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
The new Dutch railway line the 'Betuweroute' crosses the main gas pipeline system of the 'Gasunie', the main Dutch gas distributor, at 7 locations. To ensure a safe operation of both the railway line and the pipeline system, it is essential to guarantee the mechanical stability of the gas pipes in the soft soil; therefore at several locations...
conference paper 2004