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Streefkerk, J.W. (author)
The main argument in this thesis is that mobile technology has to adapt information presentation to the mobile use context and Human Factors (attention, workload and individual characteristics). This will provide better support for work in these domains than non-adaptive systems. We expect such context-aware mobile support (CAMS) systems to...
doctoral thesis 2011
Diepeveen, F.B. (author)
Specific language impairment (SLI), or developmental language disorder, is the most prevalent development disorder in childhood. However, most children with SLI are detected late. Predictive properties of language milestones and risk factors for having SLI later in life were investigated in a nested case-control study. The outcomes showed that...
doctoral thesis 2019
Delphinanto, A. (author)
Home networks are becoming dynamic and technologically heterogeneous. They consist of an increasing number of devices which offer several functionalities and can be used for many different services. In the home, these devices are interconnected using a mixture of networking technologies (for example, CAT-5, wireless, coaxial cable, or power-line...
doctoral thesis 2012