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de Hoogh, I.M. (author), Winters, B.L. (author), Nieman, K.M. (author), Bijlsma, S. (author), Krone, T. (author), van den Broek, T.J. (author), Anderson, B.D. (author), Caspers, M.P.M. (author), Anthony, J.C. (author), Wopereis, S. (author)
Personalized nutrition may be more effective in changing lifestyle behaviors compared to population-based guidelines. This single-arm exploratory study evaluated the impact of a 10-week personalized systems nutrition (PSN) program on lifestyle behavior and health outcomes. Healthy men and women (n = 82) completed the trial. Individuals were...
article 2021
Fiamoncini, J. (author), Yiorkas, A.M. (author), Gedrich, K. (author), Rundle, M. (author), Alsters, S.I. (author), Roeselers, G. (author), van den Broek, T.J. (author), Clavel, T. (author), Lagkouvardos, I. (author), Wopereis, S. (author), Frost, G. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Blakemore, A.I. (author), Daniel, H. (author)
Bile acids (BA) are signaling molecules with a wide range of biological effects, also identified among the most responsive plasma metabolites in the postprandial state. We here describe this response to different dietary challenges and report on key determinants linked to its interindividual variability. Healthy men and women (n = 72, 62 ± 8 yr,...
article 2017