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Ullien, D. (author), Harmsma, P.J. (author), Chakkalakkal Abdulla, S.M.C. (author), de Boer, B.M. (author), Bosma, D. (author), Sudhölter, E.J.R. (author), de Smet, L.C.P.M. (author), Jager, W.F. (author)
Silicon optical microring resonators (MRRs) are sensitive devices that can be used for biosensing. We present a novel biosensing platform based on the application of polyelectrolyte (PE) layers on such MRRs. The top PE layer was covalently labeled with biotin to ensure binding sites for antibodies via a streptavidin-biotin binding scheme....
article 2014
Westerveld, W.J. (author), Pozo Torres, J.M. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author), Yousefi, M. (author)
conference paper 2012
Westerveld, W.J. (author), Harmsma, P.J. (author), Schmits, R. (author), Tabak, E. (author), Pozo Torres, J.M. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author), Yousefi, M. (author)
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology has become one of the focus platforms for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). The CMOS technology opens the possibility for reliable mass fabrication of cost-effective photonic circuits. Recently there has been a growing interest in direct optical sensing of, for example, temperature, pressure or strain,...
conference paper 2011