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Klunder, G.A. (author), Taale, H. (author), Kester, L. (author), Hoogendoorn, S. (author)
This paper introduces a topic which is of growing interest in the traffic control and management community, namely the relation between traffic data quality and the efficiency of traffic management. After some explanatory background and state of the art, it will become clear that no standard approach is available for traffic engineers to...
conference paper 2014
Wilmink, I.R. (author), Viti, F. (author), van Baalen, J. (author), Li, M. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
This paper describes the results of a study into how realistically traffic models can describe traffic movements and what the effects of shortcomings in the models are on emission calculations, e.g. in the evaluation of ITS measures. Data were collected at a signalised intersection in Rotterdam, using camera images to construct vehicle...
conference paper 2009
Klunder, G. (author), Abdoelbasier, A. (author), Immers, B. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
This paper describes an ongoing research project at TNO in the Netherlands for assessing the safety of road networks using micro-simulation techniques. A benefit of micro-simulation comes from the ability to evaluate the safety of new ITS systems, new infrastructure design, management strategies and different traffic compositions beforehand. The...
conference paper 2006