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van Deelen, J. (author), van Mol, A.M.B. (author), Poodt, P.W.G. (author), Grob, F. (author), Spee, C.I.M.A. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
For the past decade TNO has been involved in the research and development of atmospheric pressure CVD (APCVD) and plasma enhanced CVD (PECVD) processes for deposition of transparent conductive oxides (TCO), such as tin oxide and zinc oxide. The use of atmospheric deposition processes allows for large scale roll to roll manufacturing, and is...
conference paper 2009
Instituut voor Milieuwetenschappen TNO (author), Wyers, G.P. (author), Duyzer, J.H. (author)
Dry deposition fluxes of sulphate and nitrate have been determined over a coniferous canopy using the aerodynamic gradient technique. Vertical concentration gradients of sulphate and nitrate were measured with filters; the gradient of ammonium bisulphate was measured with thermodenuders. Filter measurements of sulphate yielded a deposition...
article 1997