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Teunissen, J.P. (author), Abbel, R. (author), Hendriks, R. (author), Groen, P. (author)
The necessary metal-based inks typically consist of silver nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid carrier medium. In order to keep the ink stable and printable, the agglomeration and sedimentation of these functional components need to be prevented as long as they are not printed onto a substrate. This is typically done by the addition of organic ...
bookPart 2017
W√ľnscher, S. (author), Abbel, R. (author), Perelaer, J. (author), Schubert, U.S. (author)
Well-defined high resolution structures with excellent electrical conductivities are key components of almost every electronic device. Producing these by printing metal based conductive inks on polymer foils represents an important step forward towards the manufacturing of plastic electronic products on an industrial scale. The development of...
article 2014