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Bajard, L. (author), Adamovsky, O. (author), Audouze, K. (author), Baken, K. (author), Barouki, R. (author), Beltman, J. (author), Beronius, A. (author), Bonefeld-Jørgensen, E.C. (author), Cano-Sancho, G. (author), de Baat, M.L. (author), Di Tillio, F. (author), Fernández, M.F. (author), FitzGerald, R.E. (author), Gundacker, C. (author), Hernández, A.F. (author), Hilscherova, K. (author), Karakitsios, S. (author), Kuchovska, E. (author), Long, M. (author), Luijten, M. (author), Majid, S. (author), Marx-Stoelting, P. (author), Mustieles, V. (author), Negi, C.K. (author), Sarigiannis, D. (author), Scholz, S. (author), Sovadinova, I. (author), Stierum, R. (author), Tanabe, S. (author), Tollefsen, K.E. (author), van den Brand, A.D. (author), Vogs, C. (author), Wielsøe, M. (author), Wittwehr, C. (author), Blaha, L. (author)
While human regulatory risk assessment (RA) still largely relies on animal studies, new approach methodologies (NAMs) based on in vitro, in silico or non-mammalian alternative models are increasingly used to evaluate chemical hazards. Moreover, human epidemiological studies with biomarkers of effect (BoE) also play an invaluable role in...
article 2023
Burello, E. (author), Worth, A.P. (author)
article 2015