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Biel, W. (author), Baross, T. (author), Bourauel, P. (author), Dunai, D. (author), Durkut, M. (author), Erdei, G. (author), Hawkes, N. (author), von Hellermann, M. (author), Hogenbirk, A. (author), Jaspers, R. (author), Kiss, G. (author), Klinkhamer, J.F.F. (author), Koning, J.F. (author), Kotov, V. (author), Krasikov, Y. (author), Krimmer, A. (author), Lischtschenko, O. (author), Litnovsky, A. (author), Marchuk, O. (author), Neubauer, O. (author), Offermanns, G. (author), Panin, A. (author), Patel, K. (author), Pokol, G. (author), Schrader, M. (author), Snijders, B. (author), Szabo, V. (author), van der Valk, N.J.C. (author), Voinchet, R. (author), Wolters, J. (author), Zoletnik, S. (author)
The ITER core charge exchange recombination spectroscopy (core CXRS) diagnostic system is designed to provide experimental access to various measurement quantities in the ITER core plasma such as ion densities, temperatures and velocities. The implementation of the approved CXRS diagnostic principle on ITER faces significant challenges: First, a...
article 2011
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), de Wit, J.J.M. (author), van Rossum, W.L. (author), Otten, M.P.G. (author)
Phased array antennas are increasingly used in modern radar systems. Such systems are very liable to distortion of the relative phases between the radiating elements. For airborne, spaceborne, and naval phased array systems, vibrations of the array structure are an important source of phase distortions. In this paper, a system concept will be...
conference paper 2007