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TNO Voeding (author), Fischer, M. (author), Gruppen, H. (author), Piersma, S.R. (author), Kofod, L.V. (author), Schols, H.A. (author), Voragen, A.G.J. (author)
With the purpose of analyzing the size and composition of enzyme-unextractable proteins in differently heat-treated soybean meals, a selection of extractants was screened for their ability to extract these proteins from enzyme-unextractable residues. The largest effects were obtained with urea, urea plus ╬▓-mercaptoethanol, and dilute alkali; the...
article 2002
Pots, A.M. (author), Gruppen, H. (author), van Diepenbeek, R. (author), van der Lee, J.J. (author), van Boekel, M.A.J.S. (author), Wijngaards, G. (author), Voragen, A.G.J. (author)
The content and biological activity of patatin and the protease inhibitors of molecular size 20-22 kDa present in whole potato tubers were investigated as a function of storage time. The amount of buffer-extractable protein decreased gradually during storage of whole potatoes of the cultivars Bintje and Desiree for 47 weeks whereas, for Elkana,...
article 1999