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Shankar, K. (author), Pivik, R.T. (author), Johnson, S.L. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Demmer, E. (author), Murray, R. (author)
Understanding health requires more than knowledge of the genome. Environmental factors regulate gene function through epigenetics. Collectively, environmental exposures have been called the "exposome." Caregivers are instrumental in shaping exposures in a child's initial years. Maternal dietary patterns, physical activity, degree of weight gain,...
article 2018
Minihane, A.M. (author), Vinoy, S. (author), Russell, W.R. (author), Baka, A. (author), Roche, H.M. (author), Tuohy, K.M. (author), Teeling, J.L. (author), Blaak, E.E. (author), Fenech, M. (author), Vauzour, D. (author), McArdle, H.J. (author), Kremer, B.H.A. (author), Sterkman, L. (author), Vafeiadou, K. (author), Benedetti, M.M. (author), Williams, C.M. (author), Calder, P.C. (author)
The importance of chronic low-grade inflammation in the pathology of numerous age-related chronic conditions is now clear. An unresolved inflammatory response is likely to be involved from the early stages of disease development. The present position paper is the most recent in a series produced by the International Life Sciences Institute's...
article 2015
Rosman, A.N. (author), Guijt, A. (author), Vlemmix, F. (author), Rijnders, M. (author), Mol, B.W.J. (author), Kok, M. (author)
Objective. External cephalic version (ECV) is a safe and effective intervention that can prevent breech delivery, thus reducing the need for cesarean delivery. It is recommended in national guidelines. These guidelines also mention contraindications for ECV, and thereby restrict the application of ECV. We assessed whether the formulation of...
article 2013