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Nutma, J.S. (author), Hoogsteen, G. (author), Molderink, A. (author), Wijbrandi, W.E. (author), Hurink, J.L. (author), Smit, G.J.M. (author)
To deal with challenges introduced by the adaption of distributed energy resources, Demand Side Management methodologies are being developed to ensure the availability and reliability of our electricity supply in the future. The Power-Matcher and TRIANA are two examples of such management methodologies. As the strengths of the approaches...
conference paper 2017
Booij, P.S. (author), Kamphuis, V. (author), van Pruissen, O.P. (author), Warmer, C. (author)
For the built environment it is envisaged that in the next decades the total annual energy demand, both thermal and electric, could be covered by renewable sources generated within the built environment. More and more thermoelectric elements, such as heat pumps and thermal storage, will enable conversion from heat to electricity and vice versa....
conference paper 2013
Kok, J.K. (author), Roossien, B. (author), MacDougall, P. (author), van Pruissen, O. (author), Venekamp, G. (author), Kamphuis, R. (author), Laarakkers, J. (author), Warmer, C. (author)
Response of demand, distributed generation and electricity storage (e.g. vehicle to grid) will be crucial for power systems management in the future smart electricity grid. In this paper, we describe a smart grid technology that integrates demand and supply flexibility in the operation of the electricity system through the use of dynamic pricing...
conference paper 2012