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Boor, V. (author), Frijns, J.E.B.M. (author), Perez-Gallent, E. (author), Giling, E. (author), Laitinen, A.T. (author), Goetheer, E.L.V. (author), van den Broeke, L.J.P. (author), Kortlever, R. (author), de Jong, W. (author), Moultos, O.A. (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author), Ramdin, M. (author)
We performed H-cell and flow cell experiments to study the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to oxalic acid (OA) on a lead (Pb) cathode in various nonaqueous solvents. The effects of anolyte, catholyte, supporting electrolyte, temperature, water content, and cathode potential on the Faraday efficiency (FE), current density (CD), and product...
article 2022
Demir, S. (author), Kok, J.K. (author), Paterakis, N.G. (author)
European single intra-day coupled electricity market (SIDC) trading activity has increased substantially in recent years mainly as a consequence of the increasing penetration of renewable energy production and its subsequent impact on imbalance market prices. Nonetheless, more research is needed to understand this growing market. This paper...
conference paper 2020