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Atli-Veltin, B. (author)
conference paper 2018
Buskens, P.J.P. (author), Wouters, M.E.L. (author), Rentrop, C.H.A. (author), Vroon, Z.A.E.P. (author)
Antifouling coatings for ship hulls are a very important topic in coating research. They are essential with respect to fuel consumption of ships: without antifouling coating, biological species start to adhere to the ship's exterior, leading to a gradual increase in fuel consumption. To date, the working principle of most of the paint systems...
article 2013
Ekblad, T. (author), Bergström, G. (author), Ederth, T. (author), Conlan, S.L. (author), Mutton, R. (author), Clare, A.S. (author), Wang, S. (author), Liu, Y. (author), Zhao, Q. (author), D'Souza, F. (author), Donnelly, G.T. (author), Willemsen, P.R. (author), Pettitt, M.E. (author), Callow, M.E. (author), Callow, J.A. (author), Liedberg, B. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
This work describes the fabrication, characterization, and biological evaluation of a thin protein-resistant poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-based hydrogel coating for antifouling applications. The coating was fabricated by free-radical polymerization on silanized glass and silicon and on polystyrene-covered silicon and gold. The physicochemical...
article 2008