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van der Waa, J. (author), van Diggelen, J. (author), Cavalcante Siebert, L. (author), Neericx, M. (author), Jonker, C. (author)
Artificially intelligent agents will deal with more morally sensitive situations as the field of AI progresses. Research efforts are made to regulate, design and build Artificial Moral Agents (AMAs) capable of making moral decisions. This research is highly multidisciplinary with each their own jargon and vision, and so far it is unclear whether...
conference paper 2020
Aliman, N. (author), Kester, L.J.H.M. (author), Werkhoven, P.J. (author)
Steady progresses in the AI field create enriching possibilities for society while simultaneously posing new complex challenges of ethical, legal and safety-relevant nature. In order to achieve an efficient human-centered governance of artificial intelligent systems, it has been proposed to harness augmented utilitarianism (AU), a novel non...
conference paper 2019