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Arutinov, G. (author), Giesbers, M. (author), van Waalwijk van Doorn, S. (author), Chiappini, F. (author), Kusters, R. (author), van den Brand, J. (author)
This paper reports the use of Laser-induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) technology for printing of multilayer flexible circuitries and the fabrication of micro-bumps for flip-chip bonding of packaged LEDs and bare die microcomponents. Bonding of passive and functional surface mount devices (SMD) on low-temperature polyethylene terephthalate (PET)...
conference paper 2018
van Heijningen, M. (author), Gauthier, G. (author)
This paper presents a novel approach to realize low-cost millimeter-wave modules using only SMD packaged MMICs integrated on a single organic substrate. This approach is demonstrated on a 38 GHz transceiver module for point-to-point LMDS communication systems. The required SMD package technology and demonstrator have been developed in the 5th...
conference paper 2004