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TNO Human Factors (author), Versfeld, N.J. (author), Vos, J. (author)
A laboratory study was conducted to examine the relationship between noise annoyance and the proportion of heavy vehicles in a mixture of trucks and passenger cars. Twenty normal-hearing subjects were asked to judge the annoyance caused by the sounds from a continuous stream of vehicles, assuming they were exposed to it at home on a regular...
article 2002
TNO Technische Menskunde (author), Groen, E.L. (author), Valenti Clari, M.S.V. (author), Hosman, R.J.A.W. (author)
The range of motion stimuli that produce realistic sensations of longitudinal acceleration during a simulated takeoff run in a research simulator are presented. In all conditions, the visually simulated motion profile consisted of a step acceleration of 0.35 g. The gain of the translatcoordination channel (pitch) were systematically varied. The...
article 2001