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van der Burg, L.R.A. (author), van Kuijk, S.M.J. (author), ter Wee, M.M. (author), Heymans, M.W. (author), de Rijk, A.E. (author), Geuskens, G.A. (author), Ottenheijm, R.P.G. (author), Dinant, G.J. (author), Boonen, A. (author)
Background: Societal expenditures on work-disability benefits is high in most Western countries. As a precursor of long-term work restrictions, long-term sickness absence (LTSA) is under continuous attention of policy makers. Different healthcare professionals can play a role in identification of persons at risk of LTSA but are not well trained....
article 2020
Bouwhuis, S. (author), Garde, A.H. (author), Geuskens, G.A. (author), Boot, C.R.I. (author), Bongers, P.M. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author)
Purpose: Multiple job holding (MJH) is common in many countries, but little is known about its (health) consequences. Our aim is to explore the longitudinal association between MJH and long-term sickness absence (LTSA) among Danish employees. Methods: We included employees (N = 8968) who participated in the Danish Work Environment Cohort Study ...
article 2017