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de Frel, D.L. (author), Assendelft, W.J.J. (author), Hondmann, S. (author), Janssen, V.R. (author), Molema, J.J.W. (author), Trines, S.A. (author), de Vries, I.A.C. (author), Schalij, M.J. (author), Atsma, D.E. (author)
Suboptimal diet is a major modifiable risk factor in cardiovascular disease. Governments, individuals, educational institutes, healthcare facilities and the industry all share the responsibility to improve dietary habits. Healthcare facilities in particular present a unique opportunity to convey the importance of healthy nutrition to patients,...
article 2022
de Hoogh, I.M. (author), Oosterman, J.E. (author), Otten, W. (author), Krijger, A.M. (author), Berbée-Zadelaar, S. (author), Pasman, W.J. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Pijl, H. (author), Wopereis, S. (author)
Although lifestyle interventions can lead to diabetes remission, it is unclear to what extent type 2 diabetes (T2D) remission alters or improves the underlying pathophysiology of the disease. Here, we assess the effects of a lifestyle intervention on T2D reversal or remission and the effects on the underlying pathology. In a Dutch primary care...
article 2021