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van den Broek, T.A. (author), van Veenstra, A.F.E. (author), Folmer, E.J.A. (author)
More and more public organizations publish their data in an open format to increase transparency and foster economic activity. In this modern gold rush, organizations strive to open up as many datasets as possible, without considering the strategic importance of open data. Especially linking data to other datasets can lead to the creation of...
bookPart 2013
van Veenstra, A.F.E. (author), van den Broek, T.A. (author), Bastiaans, M. (author), van der Plas, A. (author)
Government organizations around the world have developed open data strategies to increase transparency and enable re-use of their data. Semi-public organizations follow, aiming to use open data also for commercial purposes. However, in practice, many organizations find the process of opening up their data cumbersome and they do not know which...
conference paper 2013