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Diran, D.D.D. (author), van Veenstra, A.F.E. (author)
conference paper 2020
Piscitelli, R. (author), Bhasin, S. (author), Regazzoni, F. (author)
Faults attacks are a serious threat to secure devices, because they are powerful and they can be performed with extremely cheap equipment. Resistance against fault attacks is often evaluated directly on the manufactured devices, as commercial tools supporting fault evaluation do not usually provide the level of details needed to assert the...
conference paper 2015
Bosch-Rekveldt, M.G.C. (author), van Hoof, J.F.A.M. (author), TNO Wegtransportmiddelen (author)
This study investigates the relevance of certain parameters for virtual testing of the driver's side OOP problem and attempts to answer the following questions: Which level of detail is needed in the airbag models to assess occupants' injury values for OOP scenarios? What is the influence of the airbag cover on the occupant response for OOP...
conference paper 2004