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van Wees, J.D. (author), Veldkamp, H. (author), Brunner, L. (author), Vrijlandt, M. (author), de Jong, S. (author), Heijnen, N. (author), van Langen, C. (author), Peijster, J. (author)
Over the past decade in the Netherlands, most operators have only developed a single doublet. The learning effect from these single events is suboptimal, and operators have only been capable of developing doublets in areas with relatively low exploration risk. This 'stand-alone' approach can be significantly improved by a collective approach to...
article 2020
van der Hulst, A. (author), Boonekamp, R. (author), van den Homberg, M. (author)
This paper describes the field tests of a simulation based game aiming at raising awareness and creating a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the comprehensive approach (CA). The setting of this game is that of a failed state where an UN intervention takes place after massive conflict that requires a CA to stabilize the situation. That is,...
conference paper 2014
Broekens, J. (author), Harbers, M. (author), Brinkman, W. (author), Jonker, C. (author), van den Bosch, K. (author), Meyer, J.J.C. (author)
In this paper we experimentally investigate learning effects of a rigourously set up virtual reality (VR) negotiation training. We discuss the design of the system in detail. Further, we present results of an experiment (between subject; three experimental conditions: control, training once, repeated training; n=42) investigating learning...
conference paper 2012