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Corley-Wiciak, C. (author), Richter, C. (author), Zoellner, M.H. (author), Zaitsev, I. (author), Manganelli, C.L. (author), Zatterin, E. (author), Schülli, T.U. (author), Corley-Wiciak, A.A. (author), Katzer, J. (author), Reichmann, F. (author), Klesse, W.M. (author), Hendrickx, N.W. (author), Sammak, A. (author), Veldhorst, M. (author), Scappucci, G. (author), Virgilio, M. (author), Capellini, G. (author)
A strained Ge quantum well, grown on a SiGe/Si virtual substrate and hosting two electrostatically defined hole spin qubits, is nondestructively investigated by synchrotron-based scanning X-ray diffraction microscopy to determine all its Bravais lattice parameters. This allows rendering the three-dimensional spatial dependence of the six strain...
article 2023