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Meijer, T. (author), Pouwer, R. (author), Cleveringa, P. (author), de Wolf, H. (author), Busschers, F.S. (author), Wesselingh, F.P. (author)
When dealing with stratigraphic successions in marginal basin settings, the geological record is often fragmented due to erosion and reworking processes. The North Sea Basin is an example: it has a fragmented Quaternary record; in particular, Middle Pleistocene intervals are poorly known. As a result, we have little insight into climate, marine...
article 2021
TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author), Busschers, F.S. (author), Weerts, H.J.T. (author), Wallinga, J. (author), Cleveringa, P. (author), Kasse, C. (author), Wolf, (author), Cohen, K.M. (author)
Eight continuous corings in the west-central Netherlands show a 15 to 25 m thick stacked sequence of sandy to gravelly channel-belt deposits of the Rhine-Meuse system. This succession of fluvial sediments was deposited under net subsiding conditions in the southern part of the North Sea Basin and documents the response of the Rhine-Meuse river...
article 2005