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Kuiper, S. (author), Doelman, N.J. (author), Human, J.D. (author), Saathof, R. (author), Klop, W.A. (author), Maniscalco, M.P. (author)
TNO is developing Deformable Mirror (DM) technology, targeted for aberration correction in high-end Adaptive Optics (AO) applications in the field of lithography, astronomy, space and laser communication. The heart of this deformable mirror technology is a unique actuator technology based on the variable reluctance principle. The main advantages...
conference paper 2018
Koek, W.D. (author), Nijkerk, M.D. (author), Smeltink, J.A. (author), van den Dool, T.C. (author), van Zwet, E.J. (author), van Baars, G.E. (author)
TNO is developing a High Power Adaptive Mirror (HPAM) to be used in the CO2 laser beam path of an Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) light source for next-generation lithography. In this paper we report on a developed methodology, and the necessary simulation tools, to assess the performance and associated sensitivities of this deformable mirror. Our...
conference paper 2017
Witvoet, G. (author), Human, J.D. (author), Maniscalco, M.P. (author)
An active tilt mirror mechanism, meant for correction of the constellation breathing of the evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, has been designed and realized. Its open-loop performance has been characterized in both time and frequency domain. Based on this, a feedback controller has been designed and the resulting closed-loop...
conference paper 2016