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Fratric, P. (author), Sileno, G. (author), van Engers, T. (author), Klous, S. (author)
The financial sector continues to experience wide digitalization; the resulting transactional activity creates large amounts of data, in principle enabling public and private actors to better understand the social domain they operate on, possibly facilitating the design of interventions to reduce illegal activity. However, the adversarial nature...
conference paper 2022
van der Veen, J.S. (author), Wijbenga, J.P. (author), Kamphuis, I.G. (author)
Distribution system operators will gather an increasing amount of electricity data from the lower level of the grid to be able to cope with several challenges, such as an increase of distributed, heterogeneous energy production, local storage, and electric vehicles. Most DSOs are not yet prepared for collecting, storing and processing these...
conference paper 2015
Kaduk, M. (author), Hoefsloot, H.C.J. (author), Vis, D.J. (author), Reijmers, T. (author), van der Greef, J. (author), Smilde, A.K. (author), Hendriks, M.M.W.B. (author)
Modern chromatography-based metabolomics measurements generate large amounts of data in the form of abundances of metabolites. An increasingly popular way of representing and analyzing such data is by means of association networks. Ideally, such a network can be interpreted in terms of the underlying biology. A property of chromatography-based...
article 2014