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Karabanova, A. (author), Berdiyeva, P. (author), van der Pal, M. (author), Johnsen, R.E. (author), Deledda, S. (author), Blanchard, D. (author)
Thermochemical heat storage is expected to play an important role in the ongoing transformation of the European energy system. The efficiency of thermochemical heat storage systems largely depends on that of the reactor, since it limits the amount of the heat stored per unit volume as well as the rate of the heat recovery. Thus, the optimization...
article 2021
Dhingra, S. (author), Khakharia, P. (author), Rieder, A. (author), Cousins, A. (author), Reynolds, A. (author), Knudsen, J. (author), Andersen, J. (author), Irons, R. (author), Mertens, J. (author), Zahra, M.A. (author), van Os, P. (author), Goetheer, E.L.V. (author)
Oxidative degradation is a serious concern for upscaling of amine-based carbon capture technology. Different kinetic models have been proposed based on laboratory experiments, however the kinetic parameters included are limited to those relevant for a lab-scale system and not a capture plant. Besides, most of the models fail to recognize the...
article 2017
Houben, E. (author), Uchida, Y. (author), Nieuwenhuizen, W.F. (author), de Paepe, K. (author), Vanhaecke, T. (author), Holleran, W.M. (author), Rogiers, V. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
It has recently become evident that at least five ceramidase (CDase) isoforms are present in human epidermis, and that specifically acidic CDase (aCDase) and alkaline CDase (alkCDase) activities increase during keratinocyte differentiation, and thus might play a pivotal role(s) in permeability barrier function. Prior to investigating their...
article 2007