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van Vianen, A.E.M. (author), de Pater, I.E. (author), Preenen, P.T.Y. (author)
The changing labour market and unpredictability of careers necessitate employees to adopt non-traditional norms of career success and assess their career in terms of employability. We propose that employees could promote their employability specifically through engagement in challenging work experiences. High quality jobs provide employees with...
bookPart 2020
Preenen, P.T.Y. (author), Dorenbosch, L. (author), Plantinga, E. (author), Dhondt, S. (author)
This study examines and theorizes the effects of task challenge on skill utilization, affective wellbeing and intrapreneurial behaviour among civil servants through a real-life challenging assignment, which was part of a unique Dutch and Flemish bottom-up organized event called ‘Train Your Colleague’. Results of a short-term longitudinal study...
article 2019
Preenen, P.T.Y. (author), Verbiest, S. (author), van Vianen, A. (author), van Wijk, E. (author)
Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to develop and investigate the idea that self-profiling and career control by temporary agency workers (TAWs) in low-skill jobs are positively related to informal learning and that this relationship is mediated by job challenge. Design/methodology/approach. An online survey study was conducted among 722 TAWs...
article 2015