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van Helden, H.P.M. (author), Trap, H.C. (author), Kuijpers, W.C. (author), Oostdijk, J.P. (author), Benschop, H.P. (author), Langenberg, J.P. (author), Prins Maurits Laboratorium TNO (author)
The purpose of this pilot study was to indicate, for low-level exposure of conscious guinea pigs and marmoset monkeys to sarin vapour in air, the lowest-observable-adverse-effect level (LOAEL) of sarin for miosis. This is the concentration × time (C·t) value (t = 5 h) of exposure at which miosis becomes significant. The ratio of pupil and iris...
article 2004
Groen, E.L. (author), Bos, J.E. (author), Nacken, P.F.M. (author), de Graaf, B. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
A new, automatic method for determination of human ocular torsion (OT) was devel-oped based on the tracking of iris patterns in digitized video images. Instead of quanti-fying OT by means of cross-correlation of circular iris samples, a procedure commonly applied, this new method automatically selects and recovers a set of 36 significant...
article 1996