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Lu, S. (author), Heemink, A. (author), Lin, H.X. (author), Segers, A. (author), Fu, G. (author)
Remote sensing, as a powerful tool for monitoring atmospheric phenomena, has been playing an increasingly important role in inverse modeling. Remote sensing instruments measure quantities that often combine several state variables as one. This creates very strong correlations between the state variables that share the same observation variable....
article 2017
Westerhoff, R.S. (author), Noorlandt, R.P. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
With the increasing amount of innovative geophysical sensors and sensor networks there is a need for faster and more controlled data processing and interpretation in order to cope with the abundance of data coming from monitoring systems. In this article, we are presenting a possible method to deal with automated processing of multi-station...
conference paper 2008
Siderius, M. (author), Simons, D.G. (author), Snellen, M. (author), Hermand, J-P. (author), van Ballegooijen, E.C. (author), TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author)
conference paper 1998