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Ripken, D. (author), van Avesaat, M. (author), Troost, F.J. (author), Masclee, A.A. (author), Witkamp, R.F. (author), Hendriks, H.F. (author)
Background. Activation of the ileal brake by casein induces satiety signals and reduces energy intake. However, adverse effects of intraileal casein administration have not been studied before. These adverse effects may include impaired amino acid digestion, absorption and immune activation. Objective. To investigate the effects of intraileal...
article 2017
Reichl, F.X. (author), Durner, J. (author), Hickel, R. (author), Kunzelmann, K.H. (author), Jewett, A. (author), Wang, M.Y. (author), Spahl, W. (author), Kreppel, H. (author), Moes, G.W.H. (author), Kehe, K. (author), Walther, U. (author), Forth, W. (author), Hume, W.R. (author)
The monomer triethyleneglycoldimethacrylate (TEGDMA) is used as a diluent in many resin-based dental materials. It was previously shown in vitro that TEGDMA was released into the adjacent biophase from such materials during the first days after placement. In this study, the uptake, distribution, and excretion of 14C-TEGDMA applied via gastric,...
article 2001